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Our Manifesto for 2020 Is B. Resilient

Boise Startup Week comes to you this year with a special fire in our eyes. Looking around, we have seen struggle, adversity, and hardship take harbor in 2020. We are facing these difficulties head on, but we must do more than that.

New barriers are keeping us apart. We are confronted with challenges to mentorship and collaboration — which require bold approaches to spur growth and support for our startups. To forego our event this year due to the obstacles and adversities of 2020 would be to abandon our core entrepreneurial values. We must B. Resilient.

Being resilient means more than confronting difficulties. It also means embedding an ideology of grit, determination, and insight within our creations. We must find strength in ourselves and each other and embrace bold new ideas for our futures.

This October, Boise Startup Week will be a fully virtual, online event. This decision inspires us to lift Idaho’s rich ecosystem to a new level. BSW organizers, with the support of our sponsors and community leaders, have resolved to practice what we preach: we will build bridges across our communities to broadcast the achievements and advice of change-makers and innovators.

Now is our opportunity to come together to show our resolve and B. Resilient. To burn brighter by using adversity as fuel for innovation. To believe in ourselves and the brilliance of our peers. To persevere as though the portal to success is open — even if we can’t yet see it — and be bold and brave in our paths forward. To B. Resilient we go beyond the bottom line to build communities that champion overcoming each challenge as an act of service to our dreams.

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