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Innovation Challenge 2020

The Innovation Challenge is a learning opportunity and contest for high school and college students to team up and propose solutions for real-world problems that face Idaho’s future.

Student teams will learn strategic communication and apply entrepreneurial concepts by ideating to solve one challenge offered by local leaders from real organizations.

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Step 1: Organize into groups of 2 or 3 members.
Step 2: View all of the problem videos on this webpage.
Step 3: Select a problem video your team would like to solve. Teams are only eligible to pick ONE problem video for consideration.
Step 4: Research and develop an understanding of the problem (estimate 3-5 hours).
Step 5: Brainstorm and whiteboard a solution.
Step 6: Develop a presentation that clearly articulates your research and solution. All team members must be included in the presentation to be eligible for prizes.
Step 7: Record a 8- to 12-minute video of your presentation.
Step 8: Submit your video using Google Forms, below.

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High School Team ApplicationCollege Team Application



All participants will be notified of winners by December 4th 2020 College and High School students will be judged in separate categories and prizes will be awarded as follows:

(1) High School team will be awarded $3,000 per team for future scholarship to higher education.

(1) Winning high school will be awarded $1,000

(1) College team will receive a $3,000 cash prize.

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