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Boise Startup Week’s 2020 News Release

Boise Startup Week moves to virtual format to fuel Idaho’s ecosystem Registration opens for event featuring pitch competitions, informational talks, and music by Magic Sword   BOISE, Idaho (Sept. 30, 2020) –– Boise Startup Week will take its fifth annual event, virtual, October 26-30, 2020. Interested innovators and community members are invited to register online. […]

BSW’s Third Annual Trailmix Competition Features New Lineup

Trailmix has always been one of the best attended Boise Startup Week events, and you may be wondering how we plan to pull off a virtual food pitch competition this year. Well, we’ve been preparing for a while now, and we’re excited to finally show you what we have in store!   Throughout the past two years, our judges have gathered in conference spaces around food-laden tables to hear pitches and taste competitors’ fare. During this year’s event, pitches will be showcased live, […]

Meet Orchestra Provisions and Vagabond Bakery: Catching Up With 2019’s Trailmix Winners

Fall means food, fun, and Boise Startup Week — all together that equals Trailmix. This is Boise’s premier stage to highlight the bold and tasty works of food startups. Some of Boise’s greatest trailblazers are in the food and grocery industry which makes this competition part of an ongoing legacy. To illustrate the importance of this competition, we are bringing you interviews […]

Meet Washie & Free to Feed: Catching Up With 2019’s Pitch Winners!

With Boise Startup Week quickly approaching, and submissions open for our 2020 competitions, it’s the perfect time to catch up with the winners of last year’s $20K Pitch Competition! The BSW Pitch Competition is one of the most exciting events of our festival. Each year has brought exciting and innovative entrants, and 2020 will be no different.   If you’re not familiar with Boise Startup Week’s pitch […]

B. Resilient: More Than a Tagline

Twenty-twenty: the year we’ve all had to learn to take some punches, shake them off, and keep on fighting. It has been a hard year for business, for families, for our health – but we’re still standing, still innovating, still building. We may be tired, but we’re tough enough to keep battling onward. That’s why […]

Our Manifesto for 2020 Is B. Resilient

Boise Startup Week comes to you this year with a special fire in our eyes. Looking around, we have seen struggle, adversity, and hardship take harbor in 2020. We are facing these difficulties head on, but we must do more than that. New barriers are keeping us apart. We are confronted with challenges to mentorship […]

Top 10 “Under the Radar” Boise Startup Week Events!

Everyone knows about the big top 10 Boise Startup Week events. They’re the highest in attendance, promotion, and popularity. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10, up and coming, “under the radar” events that we think are pretty rad. Check them out! Keynote: 10X Your Early Product Development with Game Thinking Tuesday, October 8 […]

Meet Lumineye: Last Year’s $20k Pitch Competition Winner

At Boise Startup Week 2018, a promising new startup called Lumineye took home the $20k grand prize and has been on a tear ever since. We caught up with Co-founder and Chief Design Officer, Megan Lacy to see how things were going. Our interview with Megan can be found below. For the people who aren’t […]

10 Boise Startup Week Events You Don’t Wanna Miss!

As Boise Startup Week makes its debut for the fourth year in a row, there’s no doubt that the event has earned the title of “Idaho’s largest community-driven, entrepreneur-focused event.” This year, the festival features an immense variety of informational, educational, and entertaining events. With so many events to choose from and only so much […]

For Startups, the ‘Work’ Might be the Best Perk

This is a guest post by Nate Schoenfelder, Content Manager at Pingman Tools I remember the first time I told a friend I’d taken a job at a startup. After about five minutes of listing off all the perks (“we have a kegerator! And a pool table! And…”), they asked me point-blank: “Do any of […]

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