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Tech Track


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Dom Ramirez

Q&A with the Track Chair

1) Describe something(s) about your Track that you are particularly proud of. 


We were able to bring in such a great diversity of speakers on so many different subjects. I’m incredibly proud that we’ve made everything so relevant and practicable for tech startups and technologists at any stage.


2) Describe something(s) interesting about your Track that might not be immediately apparent to the average attendee.


Ultimately, the goal of BSW’s Tech Track is to increase your chances of creating a successful tech startup in Boise, even if you’re not a technologist.

It’s not just for us tech nerds! The Tech Track at Boise Startup Week is about using technology to create products and services that people will want. Some of our talks have nothing to do with the technology itself, but with the people who create and rely upon that technology. More than anything else, It’s about creating tech startups that thrive.


3) Describe some way(s) your Track sponsors have added significant value to your Track.


Vacasa, the Tech Track sponsor, gets the lion share of the credit. They funded this experiment along with many other generous local companies. We wouldn’t have been able to bring dozens of speakers to venues all over Downtown Boise without the support of our sponsors.

HUGE shout out to Clearwater Analytics, too, for opening their DevCon up to Boise Startup Week attendees. They’ve been doing this tight block of practical tech talks for years, but this is the first year that they’ve let anyone else get involved. This more than doubled the volume of great content that we were able to provide.

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