Tech Track

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This year’s Tech Track will highlight some of the most impactful recent technological developments across an array of topics, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Bitcoin & blockchain
  • UX Design
  • AI & Machine Intelligence

Featured Events

IVRC’s VR Bash

For this year’s VR Bash, expect 1,200 to 1,500 enthusiastic attendees and 15 world-class vendors, each bringing an array of exciting virtual and augmented reality experiences for the community to interact with. Sponsors included Unity Technologies, Silver Draft, and Black Box VR.

The IVRC is also the organizer and proud sponsor of the Immerse-a-thon, a VR/AR hackathon that invites teams to build VR/AR content that can be showcased to the community. (Preceding weekend)

This year’s VR Bash Keynote is Robert Scoble. Mr. Scoble is most passionate about Virtual and Augmented Reality and how they will change and disrupt business. Siri was launched in his house and he did the first live video from inside the first Tesla. Robert delivers a rocket ride through the future of technology, and shows you how your business is about to disrupted by mixed reality.

INL Presents: Cybersecurity Demo

If it can be programmed it can be hacked. This daunting reality facing our interconnected and digital environments is a battle that must be won every day by cybersecurity professionals.  Idaho National Laboratory provides national and international leadership on critical cybersecurity challenges facing our nuclear installations, energy systems, and defense infrastructures.

Join the INL as they demonstrate some critical cybersecurity issues and ways that their ground-breaking technology addresses those vulnerabilities.

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