Talent Track


Track Chairs

Alisa Bondurant, Ethan Mansfield, Amy Akins, Jessica Cafferty

Q&A with the Track Chairs

1) Describe something(s) about your Track that you are particularly proud of.


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2) Describe something(s) interesting about your Track that might not be immediately apparent to the average attendee.


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3) Describe some way(s) your Track sponsors have added significant value to your Track.


I guess you could say that this year is different as I asked participating companies, who are the sponsors, to develop the pitch questions that all participating companies should answer. My hope was that they had a say in what each of the participants would have to address. These are the questions/topics that need to be addressed in their 3-minute pitches: 1. Very simply, what do we do. 2. What differentiates us from our competition producing the same product or service. 3. What is it like to work at our organization. 4. What makes our organization hiring process unique. 5. What are some of the perks and benefits our organization offers that make employees feel valued.

Track Sponsors