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Talent Track

Talent Track


Track Chairs

Alisa Bondurant, Ethan Mansfield, Amy Akins, Jessica Cafferty

Q&A with the Track Chairs

1) Describe something(s) about your Track that you are particularly proud of.


I’m involved in BSW and the Talent Track as I’m a fervent believer in engaging Idaho’s talent
from a young age. I’ve seen first-hand how much of an impact that Startup Week can have
on a student; how she can go from a disbelieving, anxious, ready-to-move almost-graduate
to an impressed and excited potential Boisean. Boise Startup Week and the Talent Track is
one of the only events (if not THE only event) that gives students a real and tangible
experience to envision his/her career, locally. It’s revealing, insightful, and fun and a true
pleasure to be a part of.
– Jessica Cafferty, Founder & President, Route Networking


2) Describe something(s) interesting about your Track that might not be immediately apparent to the average attendee.


Many veterans transitioning from the military have the technical skills and training needed to succeed in the IT and tech field, but there is an issue with lack of awareness with both employers and the veteran community. Employers are unsure how military training translates to the civilian workforce, and veterans many times are unaware of the career opportunities that exist in IT that build upon existing skills. Providing BSW as an opportunity for veterans enrolled in an education plan to learn more about the businesses growing in the Treasure Valley is a win-win situation for everyone in our community. Specifically engaging universities in BSW, gives greater awareness to all students (including veterans), about the possibilities for a tech career here in Idaho.

– Amy Akins, Director of Development, The Wyakin Foundaiton

3) Describe some way(s) your Track sponsors have added significant value to your Track.


This year is a little different as I asked participating companies, who are the sponsors, to develop the pitch questions that all participating companies should answer. My hope was that they had a say in what each of the participants would have to address – and they were great to work with. These are the questions/topics that need to be addressed in their 3-minute pitches: 1. Very simply, what do we do. 2. What differentiates us from our competition producing the same product or service. 3. What is it like to work at our organization. 4. What makes our organization hiring process unique. 5. What are some of the perks and benefits our organization offers that make employees feel valued.
– Alisa Bondurant, Community Engagement Manager, Cauze

Track Sponsors

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