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Social Impact Track

Social Impact Track


Track Chair

Max Stein

Q&A with the Track Chair

1) Describe something(s) about your Track that you are particularly proud of. 


All speakers in the social impact track are already changemakers within their own right. They want business to serve as a force for good – and if it doesn’t, each leader is doing everything possible to change the norm.


2) Describe something(s) interesting about your Track that might not be immediately apparent to the average attendee.


The keynote social impact track panel is one of only two Boise Startup Week events that features all female leaders.
Oliver Russell is an internationally-recognized leader in purpose-driven marketing. Boise is lucky to have the agency headquartered here.


3) Describe some way(s) your Track sponsors have added significant value to your Track.


The VYNYL team continues to support the social impact track track by shedding light on a new way to do business. Entrepreneurs want to engrain purpose and impact into startup’s bottom lines. VYNYL has helped facilitate the right Boise business community connections to expose innovate models in building companies.

Social Impact Track Schedule

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