Startup Week Pitch Competition

Wednesday Oct. 17th at JUMP


“The BSW Pitch Competition gave us an opportunity to share a glimpse of the investment opportunity we had at the time and ultimately helped us fill out a portion of our round. Our Boise investors are among the most supportive folks on Cartogram’s cap table.”

– Will Clausen, CEO Cartogram, BSW 2017 Pitch Competition Winner

2018 Pitch Competition Participants


LedgerBox utilizes integration to gather, organize, and analyze consumer financial data for monetization by commerce. A data rich, high value ‘Consumer Driven Leads’ (CDL) marketplace that provides transaction (fee) and subscription income that replaces commerce legacy subscription services and simplifies consumer fulfillment and communication, reducing time and expense. First adopters are anticipated to be the mortgage and banking industries.


Traditional manufacturing requires a long, rigid, and expensive setup and tooling process, which hinders small-mid scale experimentation and production of physical products. Slant 3D is a high volume production 3D printing service. We manage one of the largest FDM 3D printer farms in the world in order to produce final plastic parts without the cost of molds and tooling.


EPIMONI is a free-to-download mobile application and web-based system that brings borrowers, savers, and investors together in a completely transparent environment where they can leverage the power of a group. The application streamlines a centuries-old savings method with a modern social platform. Users with varieties of financial goals join rotational Pools where they participate in cycles of contributions and withdrawals.


StoreFront is an application that notifies users of deals and promotions in close proximity. Businesses and users will be able to enter into the application any promotions they are having or have seen. Other users will be notified when they are within a certain distance of that promotion. We will monetize by selling premium memberships to businesses which will include ad prioritization, and the ability to verify deals posted by users.

Auya Co.

Auya Co. designs custom, size-inclusive, high-quality athletic apparel. Our brand & products unwaveringly deliver on a message of inclusion & confidence. Our co-founder is a professional, competitive Olympic weightlifter with world titles and access and connection to other professional female athlete influencers. We are growing a tribe of like-minded women to join a movement of perpetuating kindness and lifting others up.


Lumineye is developing a portable, intuitive & affordable through-the-wall sensor. The imaging technologies and multi-modal sensors we use create a natural and intuitive view of what lies behind a wall. We are also making our technology as affordable as possible so that every first responder & soldier will have access to the technology. We plan to sell our first devices in 2019 after beta testing this Fall.


GroFive is committed to the relentless pursuit of better – better products for everyday living. Our first product is a sandal that can expand its size. We call it Expandals. It can grow 5 sizes and last for years. This idea is born out of a nonprofit product called The Shoe That Grows that gets growing shoes to kids in need. We had so many people asking to buy it – we decided the time was right to provide a commercial option for a growing shoe.


PickItUp is a mobile application that connects local residents & businesses with a PickItUp driver, who brings a truck to their location to help them move and haul their things. PickItUp can be used for store to home delivery of all kinds, craigslist pickups/dropoffs, dump runs, college move in/move out, small business/apartment move in move out, job site deliveries, garage sales & more.

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Rules and Eligibility

Teams will be judged both on the quality of the pitch and the strength of the venture. Judges will focus on the viability of the approach and strategy, the composition of the team including its skills, experience, and ability to identify and fulfill team gaps, and the impact its innovative solution will have on the problem its trying to solve.

We reserve the right to disqualify any proposal/application that we, in our sole and absolute discretion, determine not fit within the parameters of the competition. For questions please contact us.

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