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The Perfect Vacation, made with ❤️ in Boise

This is a guest post by Jeff Flitton, Director of Development at Vacasa

As the largest vacation property management company in the country, Vacasa has all the complexities of a distributed operations company and an online travel agency in one. Technology has been and continues to be a key component of Vacasa’s growth. Vacasa was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2009 and for the first eight years that office was host to the entire technology team. But as we doubled-down our technology investment in 2017 it became apparent that a more distributed team was essential to our continued success.

With over 140 employees in our Boise office—opened in 2013—Vacasa has long seen the value of tapping into the talented professional labor pool of the Treasure Valley. Furthermore, Southwest Idaho was one of our first markets and the region’s culture is in our company’s DNA. Vacasa values work/life balance and believes that some quality time away from work allows people to reach their peak potential.

It’s for these reasons and more that as we looked to expand the geographic footprint of our technology team, Boise was an obvious choice. Boise gives us access to world-class talent while the surrounding area offers endless activities for the work/life balance that’s so essential to our company culture. In particular, Vacasa was eager to tap into the e-commerce and finance expertise in the area.

We’re pleased to have grown the product and engineering teams in Boise from zero to twenty individuals in less than a year’s time and believe that the area will continue to support our substantial growth plans well into the future.

Thanks for everything, Boise. We look forward to growing alongside you.

Vacasa is once again a major supporter of Boise Startup Week. We’re grateful for all that they contribute to the Boise entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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