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For Startups, the ‘Work’ Might be the Best Perk

This is a guest post by Nate Schoenfelder, Content Manager at Pingman Tools

I remember the first time I told a friend I’d taken a job at a startup. After about five minutes of listing off all the perks (“we have a kegerator! And a pool table! And…”), they asked me point-blank:

“Do any of you actually, you know, work?”

The truth is, yeah, we do, and it’s secretly the best part of the job.

When you see a startup from the outside, it can look a lot like a rec room crossed with a Swedish design studio. But the highlights of working for a young up-and-coming business aren’t just the Red Bull fridges or Mario Kart throwdowns or wacky chairs nobody really knows how to sit in. Believe it or not, the real benefit of working for a startup comes in the form of career and personal growth unlike anything you’d experience at a large company.

When you work for a startup, expanding your skillset isn’t just the norm — it’s encouraged. The desire to learn a bit more about the stuff in and outside your job description is most often met with a “hell yeah” than a “go back to your desk.” Best of all, a lot of growth just happens organically as you take on projects that nudge you into uncharted territory. Trust me, after working for a startup, you will never struggle filling out a resume again.

Startups also give you a seat at the table (or, at the very least, the front row). Your input is heard and valued, and while you may not always be the captain, your thoughts and ideas still help steer the ship. That’s influence you might not see for years when working in a corporate setting.

If there’s one thing that sets a startup job apart from any other, it’s the rewarding feeling of actually getting to make something cool with like-minded people. Everyone around you is working together to build something special, and it feels awesome. A new release or fresh idea can fill you with pure excitement, and that’s when it’ll hit you: “Wow! This is my job!”

After being at a startup, it’s hard to imagine having a job anywhere else that gives back so much of what really matters: growth, fulfillment, and pride. Sure, the foosball and freebies are pretty sweet, but it’s the bigger things that redefine what it means to ‘go to work.’

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