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About the Grow Track

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to create and scale a business, but there are many challenges that can arise along the path to long-term success. Attend Grow Track events to learn how to shatter barriers to growth and help your company reach its goals. Designed to help entrepreneurs who have already launched, the Grow Track will help attendees learn from established business owners to create their own road map for execution. It fills a need for people who have attended Boise Startup Week in the past and seek information specific to growing and managing operations after the investigative or startup phase.


Every entrepreneur needs to understand the fundamentals of business financing and strategic scaling which is why this year’s Grow Track panels will provide first-hand insights from business owners who have successfully funded their ventures and expanded their footprint. Along with our presentations and panels, attendees will be able to network and learn from established business owners on their path to growing their business.


We’ve created a winning combination for attendees by leveraging academia (University of Idaho) and industry (Zions Bank). Attendees will benefit from the “best path to learning” environment we’ve created for the Grow Track based on U of I’s College of Business advice combined with “road tested” business tools and practices garnered from Zions Bank’s Business Resource Center consultants who work daily with small businesses of every size and stage to help Idaho companies reach their goals.

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